Disco54 to launch at Cafe de Paris this January

Article Date: 6th December 2018

Cafe de Paris is ready to launch a new immersive dining and late-night party experience on January 12th 2019 to keep up with a growing need for more immersive and experiential evening out. Inspired by the iconic Studio 54, this new destination party will be available to revellers every Friday and Saturday night.

Guests will be able to book for dinner, and enjoy nonstop entertainment alongside a new cocktail menu inspired by famous artists, singers, models and personalities of the 1970s - including a signature sharing cocktail served in a giant disco ball and named after pop icon, Elton John.

As well as a team of 40 performers, singers, actors, hosts and DJs the venue will transform the space with striking design features, including an installation of 54 disco mirror balls and themed karaoke rooms all set to the soundtrack of best loved disco and party anthems.

Cafe de Paris, which first opened its doors over ninety years ago has continued to host London’s most illustrious parties with guest lists that would rival that of Studio 54, with Princess Margaret, Frank Sinatra, Grace Kelly, Naomi Campbell, Mick Jagger and Prince all partying at what is one of Europe’s oldest and most celebrated entertainment venues.

Jim Robertson, Group Operations Director at Café de Paris comments: “We want to capture that same charm and intrigue that made Studio 54 so iconic. This is a new era, not just for Café de Paris, but for London’s nightlife. Disco54 is all about inclusivity, individuality and a bit of eccentricity and we can’t wait to welcome all with open arms.

“London’s nightlife scene has changed dramatically in recent years and it continues to be a destination for partygoers around the world. The demand for a more immersive experience is driving the change for the late night economy – it is now not enough for venues to be offering just a great DJ and a standard drinks menu. Café de Paris has had many faces over the years and we’re one of London’s oldest venues, but we’ve continued to innovate to ensure we are delivering that unforgettable experience to our customers. As a group we have always been committed to the London nightlife economy and continue to invest our efforts into what we believe is the best city in the world.”

The venue will continue to operate as the iconic Cafe de Paris for all corporate and private hire events from Sunday to Thursday.

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