About Us

Maxwell’s Bar and Grill was established in the early 1970’s after Restauranteur Brian Stein struggled to find a decent Burger or Grill in London. In 1972, the opportunity to open a restaurant in Hampstead presented itself and so Maxwell’s, one of the first American-style dining experiences in the U.K was opened. In the 1980s, Maxwell’s moved to the West End and the group expanded in to Covent Garden and beyond.

Now boasting nine unique and exciting venues including Maxwell’s Bar and Grill, Palm Court Brasserie, Boulevard Brasserie, Roadhouse, leading Cabaret and Nightclub Café de Paris, PJ’s Bar and Grill, Bill Wyman’s Sticky Fingers, Tropicana Beach Club, and our newest offering, Old Compton Brasserie.

Our talents and experience are diverse, but at Maxwell’s Restaurants Group we’re united by one thing: an overarching passion to ensure that every guest that comes into our restaurants has a fantastic and unforgettable experience. As true as it was in 1972, Brian Stein and his team continue to strive to put forth their uncompromising commitment to quality, service, style, experience and cuisine.